Why to take Tinder plus?

You might be thinking, is Tinder Plus worth it to pay for? This is a complete breakdown of everything what Tinder plus is. All the features and the pros and cons of the dating app. reasons to take tinder plus

What is the price for Tinder plus?

Tinder made a separation in the price depending on age. Tinder plus will cost $9. 99 per month for users under 30. 30 plus will pay $19.99 per month. You can also try the free Tinder plus code.

The special features you will receive with a Tinder plus account

Change your location with Tinder passport

Tinder plus gives you the possibility to change your location. Think ahead, swipe before you visit. Now you can go to a “new” area and immediately start dating.

Never run out of Tinder swipes

Usually there is a limitation on the amount of likes that you can give. With Tinder plus you won’t have that problem any longer! The more you swipe the more matches you will have. This is most likely the biggest benefit of your upgrade on Tinder.

Tinder rewind, no mistakes with Tinder plus

With your Tinder plus, you can undo your last swipe. You might have acted too fast and want to give that person a shot. Get their profile back on your screen and do what must be done.

5 Super Likes with Tinder plus

Unlike the regular version of Tinder, you will now have 5 super likes! The data of Tinder shows that giving a super like increases your potential to match with a stunning 30%. Gone are the doubts whether you need to give a super like or not, you got 5 of them!

Get in front of the line with a Tinder boost

The Tinder boost gets you on top of all the other Tinder profiles. Because of the high effectiveness there is a lot of demand for Tinder boosts. Right now Tinder plus will give you 1 boost per month. This does not sound like a lot, but is more than worth it!

The pros and cons of a Tinder Plus account that usually cost you a monthly fee

Tinder plus pros

Don’t you have many matches yet? Tinder plus will increase your changes tremendously. It puts you in front of all those regular daters.
Whether you are active on Tinder for a hookup or relationship, Tinder plus will help you reach your goals much faster. In other words, more dates and better dates which is equal to a happy you!
Tinder plus helps you settle on your new destination. Traveling or vacation, Tinder passport will get you a date for when you arrive.

The disadvantages to Tinder plus

When you are not the traveler type of person, Tinder passport is a waste on you. To many Tinder plus users this is one the biggest benefits of this premium version.
For many Tinder users the limitation of swipes is also a protection. If you live in a crowded area, Tinder plus won’t give you a break. With all those potential matches around the corner your thumb might start hurting.
Tinder plus is a big increase to your matches. However, this is no guarantee to your dating success on Tinder and in general. You might need to optimize your profile first and see how that will work for you. This is also regarding the Tinder boost. If your Tinder profile is not up-to-date, Tinder plus won’t do a thing for you.

Is Tinder Plus worth the money?

Tinder plus is only worth the cost if you know the features of this upgrade. Moreover, if you know how to benefit from them. Tinder plus won’t get you extra matches instantly but will help you a lot for sure. A huge recommendation is a free Tinder plus account. You will receive code and can try out all the benefits of the paid version. Let’s try it out and see if this works for you.

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